Aikido Books

Recommended reading about Aikido
and Japanese martial arts and culture


Beginning Aikido

Greg O'Connor
The Aikido Student Handbook

Frank Doran
Aikido West Beginners' Handbook
Available free online.

Westbrook and Ratti
Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere: An Illustrated Introduction
Provo Library has a copy.

David Lowry
In the Dojo: A Guide to the Rituals and Etiquette of the Japanese Martial Arts




Books By and About the Founder

Morihei Ueshiba O'Sensei
Budo Training in Aikido

Budo: Teachings of the Founder of Aikido

John Stevens
Abundant Peace


O'Sensei video




Aikido Philosophy

Kisshomaru Ueshiba
The Spirit of Aikido


M. Saotome
Aikido and the Harmony of Nature





Aikido - Technical

Morihiro Saito
Takemusu Aikido (6 volumes)

Traditional Aikido
This multiple volume set has been out of print and very expensive if available at all. Volumes 1-3 have recently been republished by Aikido Journal.

Aikido: Its Heart and Appearance
Written to "help you grasp the roots of Aikido which creates an unlimited number of techniques.” First printed in March 1975, the book has once again become available.


Shoji Nishio
Yurusu Budo: The Irimi-Issoku Principle
Available with an accompanying set of 3 DVD's .


Westbrook and Ratti
Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere.


Kisshomaru Ueshiba


Aikido DVDs

Aikido videos





Aikido - General

Nobuyoshi Tamura                                 
Aikido - Etiquette and Transmission
Available free online at  Select: Archives--Nobuyushi Tamura--"Aikido - Etiquette and Transmission" (9 chapters)

Tamura Sensei video


Ellis Amdur
Dueling with O-sensei: Grappling with the Myth of the Warrior Sage

Hidden in Plain Sight: Tracing the Roots of Ueshiba Morihei's Power




Japanese Traditions: History, Culture, and Martial Arts

The Classical Warrior Traditions of Japan series, 3 volumes, edited by Diane Skoss.


Ellis Amdur
Old School: Essays on Japanese Martial Traditions


Daisetz T. Suzuki
Zen and Japanese Culture


David Lowry
Autumn Lightning
The authors initiation as a young man into the Yagyu Shinkage Ryu.

In the Dojo: A Guide to the Rituals and Etiquette of the Japanese Martial Arts


Daisetz T. Suzuki
Zen and Japanese Culture


H. E. Davey
Living the Japnaese Arts & Ways: 45 Paths to Meditation and Beauty
A discussion of 45 principles of the Japanese arts. This book discusses principles and mental states that"are universal to all Japanese Ways." (p. 11)
The author is Aiki-jujutsu 7th dan and also practices shodo--Japanese brush writing. He has conducted seminars at Utah Aikikai in Salt Lake City.





The Zen sect of Buddhism is closely associated with the Japanese arts including Chado (the way of tea), Kenjutsu (Japanese swordsmanship), and Kyudo (Japanese archery.)

Zen is a discipline that can be practiced by people of any religion.


Katsuki Sekida
Zen Training: Methods and Philosophy
The best how-to book on seated Zen meditation.


Takuan Soho
The Unfettered Mind: Writings of the Zen Master to the Sword Master


Daisetz T. Suzuki
Zen and Japanese Culture



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 "True budo is the loving protection of all

  beings with the spirit of reconciliation."
           -Morihei Ueshiba OSensei



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