Aikido DVDs


Aikido Technique


Morihei Ueshiba O'sensei
6 DVD Set


Morihiro Saito Sensei
The Lost Seminars - 7 parts


Shoji Nishio Sensei
Nishio Aikido: 4 DVDs - 9 volumes
Available as a set with the accompanying book, Yurusu Budo.



Nishio Sensei demonstrates shiho-nage.
Mistakes to avoid. Bokken and jo applications.



Hiroshi Ikeda Sensei
Koshi  ('hips'/ koshi-nage)
"More than 25 different koshinage (hip throw) techniques. . . . Koshinage demonstrates many of the principles found in Aikido, including center, balance, and integrity of movement."

Za  ('to be seated'/ suwariwaza)
"Ikeda sensei skillfully demonstrates aikido suwariwaza, from basic drills to advanced applications. Suwariwaza are excellent aids to center development."

Irimi  ('entering'/ irimi-nage)
"From classic forms to powerful freestyle, Hiroshi Ikeda sensei presents a wide range of iriminage interpretations, applications and training approaches. The attacks, footwork, ukemi, and undeniably effective iriminage demonstrations offer exciting study material for beginners and advanced students alike."



"Aikido works. Your Aikido doesn't. Don't confuse the two."
-Hiroshi Ikeda





Aikido Weapons


Morihiro Saito Sensei
Aiki Ken
Aiki Jo

Our Aikido Weapons page has video clips of Saito Sensei in action.


Shoji Nishio Sensei
Nishio Aikido: 4 DVDs - 9 volumes
Features weapons--bokken, jo, and iaido--applications for Aikido techniques.

Nishio Sensei video clips.


Hiroshi Ikeda Sensei
Ikeda Sensei "offers a fresh look at jo and bokken training and redefines their potential to enhance your search for center. The video contains jo and bokken fundamentals, intricate kata with jo against bokken, and methods to integrate the power of the weapons to your center."




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 "True budo is the loving protection of all

  beings with the spirit of reconciliation."
           -Morihei Ueshiba OSensei



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