Aikido and Grappling


Aikido, judo, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu all share a common root: Japanese ju-jutsu. Because of that common root, they have many principles in common.

Grappling Resources

Pedro Sauer Training Series DVD's;
Pedro Sauer is one of the most respected technicians and instructors of BJJ in the world.

First rate DVD set.

Scott Sonnon—Grapplers Toolbox
Have you ever watched a grappler and thought, "that guy moves really well on the ground"?

Scott Sonnon has made a lifelong study of movement and "flow".

He trained under top Sambo coaches in the former Soviet Union. He's also former coach of the US Sambo team.

In Grappler's Toolbox Coach Sonnon gives exercises that train you how to move freelly on the ground and take your grappling to another level.

Scott Sonnon—Sambo MMA Leg Attacks
The Russian grappling sport of Sambo is renowned for it's leg attacks.


Grappling Uniforms: Atama Jiu-jitsu Kimonos 


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