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Uniforms for Aikido practice
Judo-gi is the standard uniform for Aikido practice. Made of knit fabric, they hold up better to the grabbing techniques of Aikido, than do the regular canvas uniforms worn in karate, which tend to rip.

Color: white or natural (unbleached).



Jigoro Kano and Kyuzo Mifune, Judo



We recommend the following suppliers:



Kiai Martial Arts
4860 South State in Salt Lake (Murray), Utah
Phone:  (801) 262-5650

Single and double weave judo gi. Prices are comparable to those online. Good people - good service.



Kwon USA

Kwon USA Judo Uniform
We recommend the ‘Economy’ uniform (or better) for beginners. White belt included.

Kwon USA Size Chart

Note: the Challenger Competition Judo Uniform does not come with a white belt. Order belt separately. Get the same size belt as your uniform.

Shipping from Kwon USA is fast--typically 6 - 7 days.



Martial Arts Supplies 4 Less Judo Gi
Great prices. We have not seen the single weave, so cannot vouch for the quality. The double weave seems to be of standard quality. Will shrink alot.

Single Weave: white belt included:

Bold Look Single Weave Unbleached Judo Gi

Bold Look Single Weave White Judo Gi


Double Weave: white belt sold separately:

Bold Look Double Weave Natural Judo Gi

Bold Look Double Weave White Judo Gi



Top quality. Extremely fast shipping.

Tozando Aikido gi and pants

Tozando Judo gi



Morihei Ueshiba OSensei, Aikido Founder 


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