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Bokken and Jo
The weapons we use in Aikido are bokken (Japanese wooden sword) and jo (short staff -approximately 51 inches).



Aikido bokken       Iwama style, the recommended shape

White oak jo 9 bu   1.06 inch (27 mm) diameter. Noticeably thicker than the USA standard of 1 inch.

Tozando jo are 50 1/4 inches (4.21shaku ) long, shorter than the USA standard 50 1/2 inches, so these are a little on the short side. That is okay if you are a smaller person; or if you order the larger diameter jo, the extra width compensates for the shorter length.

Although located in Japan, Tozando shipping is extremely fast. Our last order arrived in less than 1 week.



Cool Rain

Bokken and jo; same style as Tozando.



King Fisher

Standard Iwama bokken

Standard jo  Available in lengths from 50 to 56 inches. Get the 1 inch diameter.

King Fisher is a small woodworking company based in Vermont. They make Japanese style weapons from impact grade hickory. In 2002 Kingfisher produced 30 bokken for the movie, "The Last Samurai".

Impact grade hickory is lighter in weight than Japanese white oak, and according to King Fisher, more durable in partner practice.

King Fisher now offers economical "standard wooden weapons", as well as their "hand cut wooden weapons" which are much more expensive.

The King Fisher website has great information on the style and design of Japanese wooden weapons.


California S
Based in El Cerrito, California. California S&P specializes in Japanese-made weapons and uniforms. Good selection and good prices.


Weapons bag
You will need a bag to carry your weapons to and from the dojo. You can make a simple weapons bag by sewing it yourself, or you can buy one. We recommend those made by Bujin Design.

Bujin Design weapons cases          



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