Interview with Scott Sonnon about the TACFIT Fitness System

John Sifferman interviewed TacFit creator Scott Sonnon.

Scott comes from a martial arts background (Russian Sambo), and one of the things I like about his approach to fitness is that it is fully integrated with martial arts training.

Even better, Scott sees fitness not just as preparation for fighting, but as preparation for the challenges we all  face in daily life.

His definition of ‘tactical’ encompasses how we move and carry ourselves as humans.

Here are some of my notes from the interview.

“You only get hurt in the direction you’re not prepared for. ”

Think ukemi.

“You can’t create good form by practicing poor form harder. . . .

“So I had to break down good form into it’s components that I could make repeatable.

“And then once I could train that, gluing it all together, expanding the buffer – the safety valve from when movements deviated from the expected; and you are better prepared than the surprise that is about to happen.

“There is only one benefit (to TacFit as compared to other fitness programs): when things go awry how fast can you bring yourself back into the game.

“When things go right anything will work. There are so many valid theories until you get slapped in the face. . . .

“Everybody has a plan until it hits the fan.

“So my point was . . . when that stress load went over the edge, and that’s what you can’t determine when you look at someone bio-mechanically . . .

“It’s when you apply stress to the point where something gives and it turns into strain – then how fast can you recover from that point.

“That’s the whole point of tactical fitness that I haven’t seen in any other system.”


TacFit Warrior Video

Ryan  Hurst , head coach of CST in Japan, has posted a video of TacFit Warrior in practice, on Facebook.

The 2 female athletes in the video demonstrate what Ryan calls “a 20 – 10 (Tabata) protocol which is 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, for 8 sets”.

Coach Hurst discusses how TacFit Warrior integrates exercise with mental focus and goal setting; not just for fitness but for life.

TacFit Warrior video on Facebook

TacFit Warrior direct link