“17-year-old shot and killed man to defend aunt, Roy police say”

Thursday, December 16 – Roy, Utah

After 2 unwanted visits in the same day, both ending only with police intervention, a Utah woman “sought a protective order” against her increasingly violent ex-boyfriend.

One and 1/2 hours after being released from police custody he returned a third time. He forced his way into the home they had shared and began choking her.

The woman’s niece “grabbed a .357 revolver and fired two shots, striking (and killing the attacker).

“(The niece) said she fired the shots after she told (the man) to leave her aunt alone and he moved toward her. ”

Source: Deseret News

It has been said before, the police cannot protect you, and neither can a restraining order  – although it may have legal benefit after the fact.

14 Year Old Orem Girl Elects Not To Go To The 2nd Crime Scene

“OREM — A 14-year-old girl claims she escaped her kidnappers by jumping out of a moving vehicle.

“The girl told Orem police two men approached her in a red pickup truck shortly after her school bus dropped her off near 1600 North and 1100 West in Orem.

“She says one of the men had a knife and forced her into the vehicle. She says she fought with the men for about five minutes before she managed to jump out of the pickup she says was traveling about 20 mph.

“She says she then ran to a nearby store called into Unicity International, called her family, and then explained what happened to store owner Vicat Mauricio.

“Mauricio then called police.

“Orem police say the girl has been interviewed more than once and her story has been consistent each time.

“The men are described to be in their 40’s and are driving a red pickup truck.”

Source: KSL.com

2 Important Takeaways:

1) “She fought with the men for about five minutes”

Do not comply with the demands of an abductor. Instead make a stand. Fight back. Do not give up.

2) “She managed to jump out of the pickup she says was traveling about 20 mph”

Refuse to go to the 2nd crime scene – where the bad guys are in total control to have their way with you.