News from Iwama Japan following the earthquake

Video from Sendai Japan near the earthquake epicenter

Our hearts and prayers go out to ALL those affected by the March 11 Japan earthquake. Along with those still recovering in Chile, Haiti, and Christchurch.


Iwama township is located in Ibaraki prefecture, south of Sendai. Iwama is the home of the Aiki Shrine and Iwama (Ibaraki) Dojo, built by the founder, as well as the Tanrenkan Dojo of Hitohiro Saito.

Iwama is not on the coast, so it was not damaged by the tsunami. However it was damaged by the earthquake.

Stan Pranin, editor of Aikido Journal, provided this update:

“In checking various reports on the Internet, we have learned the following concerning the effects of the horrific earthquake of last week in Iwama. The Iwama Dojo built by Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba has been badly damaged with the collapse of the roof and walls of the dojo. Fortunately, no injuries have been reported. Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba is scheduled to inspect the dojo next week to decide on a course of action.

“The home and dojo of Hitohiro Saito Sensei also suffered some damage, but the family are all safe. Hitohiro Sensei was in Florida when the earthquake struck and has not yet been able to return home.

“Our prayers go out to the Japanese people and our aikido friends who have suffered so greatly as a result of this terrible catastrophe.”

Source:  Aikido Journal

How to Contribute

Japanese Red Cross through Google Crisis Response “If anyone would like to donate to help those dojo that were damaged by the recent earthquakes in Japan and NZ but you don’t know how to do it directly, we have set up to help transmit funds. If you identify the dojo that you would like to benefit you can use Paypal to make a donation. “

Aviv Goldsmith