Seichiro Endo Sensei

Seichiro Endo Sensei on Youtube. Video from the 42nd Zen Nippon Aikido demonstration in Tokyo.

“When I was 30 years old I dislocated my right shoulder. That event brought me to a turning point.

“Seigo Yamaguchi said to me, “You’ve been doing aikido for 10 years now, but now you have only your left arm to use, what are you going to do? . . . .

“I took the opportunity to turn my approach to aikido around 180 degrees.”

-Endo Sensei interview with Stanley Pranin

Way-Mastery Store has posted a series of Youtube videos from Endo Sensei’s “Kihon no Kata” DVD. This video is the 1st in the series.

Endo Sensei talks about his ongoing study of Aikido technique.

“You learn how to use your body through doing kata. . . .

“I am really reconsidering the way I do my kata.”

Check out the throw at 32 seconds.

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