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The Training Habit 2
by Brooks Kubik

"At that point training will be a regular habit for you and it will be something you keep doing for the rest of your life."


The Training Habit - Part 1



Now pick three days per week to train. If weekends are good training days, schedule a workout for the weekend and two for the week – or if your weeks are really hectic, schedule two workouts for the weekend and one for the week.



Copyright Brooks D. Kubik — used with permission.



In each workout, do ONE exercise for five progressively heavier sets of five reps. Start out light and easy. Warm-up, put some weight on the bar, and go at it. Work fast, with minimal rest between sets. Just change the plates, take a sip of water and
get back to it. You can finish in 10 to 15 minutes.

For example:


Trap Bar deadlift – 135 x 5, 155 x 5, 175 x 5, 195 x 5, 215 x 5

There – you’re done. Fast, quick, easy – there’s no reason in the world why you can’t fit that into your schedule.

The idea is to get back into the HABIT of training – not to take super hard and demanding workouts. You’ll start training harder later on – but for right now, your job is to get back into the training habit. So keep your workouts short, fast and easy.



Make every effort to stick to your schedule and get your workouts in.

If for any reason you miss a workout, double up and get back on track. You can train back-to-back days on this schedule – or you can do two exercises in one workout to get caught up – or you can train in the morning and evening one day to make up for the missed session.



Keep a training diary and record every workout in detail. If you miss a workout, write it down and note the reason – and schedule your catch-up session. Putting it on paper helps keep you honest.



After 30 days, pick any of the workouts in Gray Hair and Black Iron. There are more than 50 of them. Choose one of the easier, shorter programs. Follow it for 6-8 weeks, using the simple cycling system outlined in the book.

At that point, you’ll be 90 days down the road, and training will be a regular habit for you once again – and at that point, it will be something you keep doing for the rest of your life.



Copyright Brooks D. Kubik — used with permission.


Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

Brooks Kubik has been training for over 40 years. He was an Illinois state champion in Greco-Roman wrestling. Today he is one of the most respected names in strength training. He has written several books including the classic, Dinosaur Training: Lost Secrets of Strength and Development, and a new book about serious strength training for older lifters, Gray Hair and Black Iron. Required reading for all lifters over the age of 35.

"It’s not easy being an older lifter – but it sure as heck beats being older and not training."

By permission of the author.


Brooks' advice on establishing a fitness training habit applies equally to beginning Aikido training. Decide which training classes you are going to attend at your dojo; then show up for class consistently and do your best. No need to over-complicate things.



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