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Live Training


Tim Larkin—Target Focus Training
"Attend the only self defense training in the world that 100% guarantees you’re the one who safely walks away from a life-or-death confrontation.

"Discover the program anyone can learn in less than 18 hours that gives YOU a surprising advantage over some scumbag eyeballing you as his next victim regardless of your size, speed, athletic skills or prior training!"


Tony Blauer Tactical Systems—SPEAR System





Self Defense Laws


Self Defense Law and the Martial Artist - Peter Hobart, Esq..
Mr. Hobart is a prosecuting attorney and a martial artist. He is a licensed instructor of Santo Niten Ichi Ryû kenjutsu and kempo, and holds black-belt rank in aikijutsu.


Justified Lethal Force - Tim Larkin, TFT
Seminar on DVD

"Use too little (lethal force), and you could end up at the mercy of a killer. Too much, and you’ll likely see your face plastered across the evening news. But there’s a simple solution, one we showed these Federal Agents and it’s exactly the same as what you need to guarantee you’re the one who walks away from a horrific situation alive!"


NRA Applauds Utah's New Self Defense Law
March 31, 2009—Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr. "announced today that he signed important National Rifle Association-backed legislation into law that will protect the rights of law-abiding gun owners. Senate Bill 78 will protect the right to lawfully transport and store firearms in privately-owned, locked motor vehicles that are parked in a publicly accessible parking lot controlled by a business."


Utah Concealed Carry Laws and Permits





Weapons for Self Defense 



Firearms Utah
Firearms - self defense resources in Utah: firearms laws, training, classes. Utah concealed gun laws.


 Firearm Safety

Fundamentals of Firearm Safety
The three basic general rules of safe gun handling.


Gun Safety for Parents
The Smart Parent's Guide to Gun Safety.



Tactical Knives


Blade HQ 
Emergency Matters 
400 S. 1000 E. Suite E
Lehi, UT 84043
Nice selection of tactical knives. 
3738 West 5400 South
Taylorsville, UT 84118
Gerber, ESEE—Rat, SOG, Cold Steel, etc.
Online store with good prices for tactical knives.





Self Defense Training Equipment


Training Weapons


Cold Steel rubber training knives

Metal blade practice knives

Rubber 92F Training Gun - Yellow
For knife take-away practice. We recommend that you remove trigger guard to avoid removing the flesh from your training partner's finger.


Protective Gear for Training


High Gear by Tony Blauer
For training drills—not sparring.


Tony Blauer demonstrates training drills in High Gear

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